Scarab Beacon is waterproof, rechargeable with a choice of colour settings and light modes all in one product.

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Wide viewing angle.
Visible from 4km
140 Hour
battery life
-20˚C to 40˚C
Operating Temperature

Keeping you safe outside

Scarab Beacon is a powerful rechargeable safety light designed to keep you safe when out walking your dog in low light conditions. Scarab makes you visible to oncoming traffic and means you will always be able to see your dog when off the lead.

A combination of power LED and dome shaped diffuser gives you all round visibility. Scarab can be seen from over 4km on its highest setting.

Our Products

Scarab Beacon Uno

Scarab Uno

Scarab Uno is a single colour dog safety beacon with red LED. It features 4 different flash modes with a 3km range.

Scarab Beacon Trio

Scarab Trio

Scarab Trio includes 3 colour options – red, yellow and green. It features 5 different light settings including continuous and flashing modes with a 4km range.

buy scarab beacon direct or from a local retailer

Where to buy

Scarab Beacon is available from a selection of quality retailers throughout the UK or from our online shop.

Designed and Assembled in the UK. Thoroughly Field Tested.

Scarab Beacon was designed by a dedicated team of product design engineers. To guarantee the quality of our products they are assembled by hand in the UK.

We love going outdoors and we have thoroughly tested Scarab with our own pets during late night and early morning walks. We offer a 24 month product warranty for your peace of mind.

Testing the Scarab Beacon Dog Light
100% Plastic Free Packaging

There is another great reason to choose Scarab when looking for a safety light for your dog. We have worked hard to ensure Scarab is the greenest safety beacon on the market. Our packaging is 100% plastic free and made from recyclable materials.

Scarab Beacon uses rechargeable lithium technology avoiding the need for disposable batteries.