Collar Buddy Fitting

Let’s Go Collar Buddy-Summer Sale Now £7.99 each

Our upgraded Collar Buddy Dog ID tag is now on Sale for the summer, a cost effective and stylish enhancement to your dogs apparel. With a personalised message or owner details, this stylish addition enhances your dog’s collar or harness. Available now in 25mm and 20mm its a sure way to deliver a message of your choice from your dogs apparel in total comfort and easy fitting as you see in the picture.

Hard wearing and weatherproof, you can pop it on and leave it without worry. Collar Buddy is very comfortable and will fit leather collars as well as webbing, easily cleaned and clearly visible, it is a fashionable, cost effective alternative to heavy, dog ID discs.

Order your Collar Buddy now but do measure your desired application area first to be sure, and see the text options on the product page when you order, just click the link below.


. Months between charges

Scarab Dog Light-Easy to Use and Saves you Money

Out of the box, Scarab Dog Light is set to a flash mode that will run for 3.5 months worth of dog walks in the dark if you walk your dog on average twice a day!

Scarab is easy to use, simply twist the lens one way to switch “on” and twist the other way to switch “off”, designed for a one handed operation too.

Scarab is easy to fit and secure straight on the collar or harness and is supplied with all additional fixing accessories.

The average dog walk duration is 40 minutes and you will find on the standard light level (600m visibility from any angle) you will get 3.5 months of dog walks between each charge, not bad considering the lifetime of the battery is 500 charges, that is a lot of doggy walks.

On top of this you can adjust the intensity of the light and change the light modes, and select different colours (DUO model Upwards) so you really have a safety light that caters for every dog adventure, be it just a walk or more extreme uses.

So think about the environment, the savings on spent batteries and the saving to your pocket too avoiding repeat purchases of costly batteries.

Scarab Dog Light is a money saving investment for you and your dogs safety when outside in low-light Summer evenings and dark Winter nights.

Beautiful Night Time Image of dogs wearing safety lights

Scarab Rechargeable Dog Light-A World of Colour

This Winter scene beautifully captured by Sarah in Belgium shows the purity of our LED colours and the power of our lights. We couldn’t have wished for a better example to demonstrate how our safety lights RGB LED’s are enhanced by our photopolymer lens to create a world of colour and in this image, a festival of light. You will also notice that many of the beautiful dogs are not facing the camera but you can see the lights very clearly due to the “all round” visibility the lens produces. This image was taken with the lights all in constant mode, this is one of 5 light modes available in every Scarab Dog Light (2020 versions onwards). Scarab is the only collar/harness fitting light that offers you adjustable intensity and believe us when we say you can see it from over 4KM should you need power as well as beauty.  Scarab dog lights weigh just 23g so your dog wont even notice it but the need for safety and being seen when out with your dogs means you can be assured road users and cyclists see you. Off the lead you will know instantly where your dog is plus the “light bounce” of objects around your dog such as surfaces, undergrowth and hedges, enhance their position greatly as you see in Sarah’s image. Just look at the road to see the reflection and this is running in constant mode at some 10% of the lights true intensity, truly an amazing photograph, thank you Sarah.

Free Postage on All UK Web Orders for January 2022

We start the New Year with an offer of free postage to all UK addressed web orders directly from Beat those January blues and take advantage of this one-off January Sale Promotion. We have enhanced your shopping experience by giving you a free postage offer on all Scarab items you see on our website. This offer will end 31.01. 2022 so don’t miss out. You can see all our fantastic Rechargeable Dog Safety Lights and Personalised Collar ID Accessories and our SideSafe Bike Light at our on line shop. We wish you a Happy New Year from Team Scarab


The Perfect Gift for your Dog Christmas

The Perfect Gift for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to say you love someone than to buy them an exciting and really useful “Scarab Dog Light” gift.

Presented in a colourful presentation box, Scarab products are not just a rechargeable light but a well-designed “safety kit” consisting of accessories and attaching gear along with spares and a charging cable all nicely packaged in a silver branded drawstring bag for your storage convenience.

There are a wide range of price levels and a world of colour starting from our single colour “UNO” range with a choice of 7 different individual colours through to our premium Scarab ULTRA with over 100 different shades of LED light and a morphing selection feature to give you total individuality for your dog’s apparel.

In addition, “Scarab Dog Lights” are intensity adjustable to suit your exact application producing up to a staggering 4.2km distance of visibility in flash mode, should it be required. Also programmed in every model are 4 different “pre-set” light modes for everyday dog outings.

This Christmas add colour to your life with Scarab “Rechargeable Dog Safety lights” and visit our shop:



Christmas Gift includes Dog Light with Collar ID Tag

Scarab Dog Light Christmas Bundle

This fantastic Christmas gift idea for your friends and family consists of 3 items:

  • Scarab MAX “7 Colour” Dog Safety Light
  • Personalised Collar Enhancer with a message of your choice (25mm or 20mm width)
  • Collar Lock Kit for Scarab Dog Light

Be original this Christmas and buy your dog or your loved ones this personalised gift set.

The package includes our premium Scarab MAX dog light, 1 x Collar Buddy collar label that you can have with a variety of options, the standard *Dog owner data and address with phone number, a message of your choice (provided it fits) a humorous dog message or Christmas spirited banner. Just tell us what you require, and we will print it. You can see the ideas in the image gallery. We will send you a proof for approval prior to printing and send it packaged with the bundle. Suitable for Webbing Dog Collars (always measure your collar width before ordering)

This is a perfect gift for dog owners and is unique for their pet, it is also a *legal requirement that the owners address and contact number are on the collar or harness, don’t forget it is a serious and finable offence not to have this detail on your dog when outside of the owner’s property as found under the UK Control of Dogs Act.

If you would like the Christmas theme or humorous/warning label in your bundle, just tell us what number you wish from the image and we will print it, no approval needed.

Just click on “shop now” on our home page to see this offer

Beautiful lakeside scene with Black Labrador and Scarab dog light

The Clocks go Back

The clocks go back this weekend and Autumn gradually moves into Winter, we have had a tremendous October with temperatures similar to early summer but the evenings and mornings are set to get darker now with the time change. Walking your dog is part of your routine and if you don’t already have a Scarab Dog Light on your best friend’s collar or harness, here is why you should.

Having a light on your dog is a vital part of their walking kit, I mean you wouldn’t go out and drive without your car lights on, so light up your dog. This will keep you safe and visible from all angles and thanks to Scarab’s specially designed lens, even with long fur, your dog will be seen.

Scarab have a range of products to suit your budget and ALL of our lights offer distance viewing, making you clearly visible to oncoming traffic, cyclists, scooters and other pedestrians. There are no extra charges after you purchase, unlike other battery models, Scarab products are all rechargeable. They come with a variety of accessories to ensure your dog and you are visible for this Winter

Defy the dark this Winter with Scarab and see our offers in our online shop

Yellow Scarab Dog Light on Labrador with beautiful girl

Go Yellow With Scarab This Autumn

Why not fit in with the Autumn colours this month and see how rich our yellow UNO Dog Light is. With all the features and accessories included, this LED colour really adds style as well as safety to your dog walks. The UNO has flash and Constant Light modes and comes with an armband, Uni-Strap for harness application plus a USB charging cable and spare O-Ring. Value and style with Scarab UNO-YELLOW this autumn.


Scarab Ultra Dog Light Colour Festival


What is in a Dog Light, well in Scarab products amid all the other technology, there is a micro processor that has enough memory to perform all the tasks required by the user. Battery charging management, power management, the ability to adjust the intensity of the light and allow you to select a colour and light mode, and operate the light efficiently so you get a maximum run time, quite a lot you would agree!

For this year’s new product addition, we have been flat out looking at what we could do and our engineers did not disappoint, a software programme that “morphs” the RGB LED inside the ULTRA. This is a blend of all the 3 colour LED to produce a cascade of colour choice by simply pressing and releasing the 2 buttons once you have found a shade you like. We describe it as “Morph selection”.

The ULTRA has all the light modes you would expect with a premium dog light and maintains our core philosophy of rechargeable technology to save the planet.

Take a tour of our website and see how our products look for this season.

Small Dog in Harness with Collar ID tag

Collar Buddy for your Dogs Harness

We see in the news today that many people are breaking the law by not abiding by the Control of Dogs Act when they take their dog out in a harness and not having a metal tag with the owner details on it. Our Collar Buddy provides the easy solution as you see in the image. A “Dog Proof” bespoke label with a proven and comfortable soft material that wraps and locks around your harness webbing, giving your dog label a secure  fit with all the legal data you require regarding. Metal tags are heavy and can bang into the dogs chest, imagine having that on your neck all the time! Collar Buddy weighs only 4.7g, and is designed for all dog sizes, it is fixed by wrapping securely around 20mm or 25mm webbing collars and harnesses. The label technology is designed to withstand all the rigours of daily dog life, scratch proof, waterproof, UV proof and is the perfect solution for managing your dogs security when outside. Go to our “order on line” option and click Luna wearing her personalised label to place your order and send us your details for the label. A proof will be emailed to you for your approval and then your bespoke Collar Buddy will be created and posted to you. Please remember to check the width of your webbing before selecting the option. If you wish to know more please contact us by email and we will be happy to answer your questions regarding Collar Buddy: