Summer Sale

If you have a number of dogs in your family, now is the time to take advantage of this years Scarab Summer sale so you are fully kitted out for those group walks! Our fantastic MK1 Scarab TRIO, 3 colours (FLASH ONLY) Adjustable intensity is heavily discounted for clearance. Unbelievable power, supplied with new battery and 3 months warranty, like all our products it’s powerful and works with long haired breeds, comes with all the accessories and of course it is rechargeable. Don’t miss this “one off” clearance event directly from our website, click “Buy online” to see all our products.


Black Labrador in Christmas hat with Scarab Dog Light

Seasons Greetings

We wish you all a very Happy, safe Christmas time and a Peaceful New Year



We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year Let’s hope that 2021 is the start of the recovery from this pandemic and please stay safe and sensible this Christmas time Please note: Monday 21st December is the last Royal Mail postal date before Christmas All orders of […]

Scarab Dog Light The Perfect Gift for Dog Owners this Christmas

This Christmas Turn Their Head with Scarab Dog Lights

Scarab Dog Lights:

A full range of colours and light modes, accessories all included, Scarab makes a superb Christmas gift for the dog in your life.

There are 7 vibrant colours to choose from with our UNO models, available in: RED, YELLOW,GREEN, BLUE, CYAN, WHITE or PINK

SCARAB MAX includes all of the above colour settings in one light

SCARAB DUO comes with RED & WHITE led colours and SCARAB TRIO comes with RED,YELLOW and GREEN led colours.

Scarab Dog Lights are waterproof and rechargeable too, so you don’t have to worry about buying and disposing costly batteries.

SCARAB-The Ultimate Dog Light


Scarab Dog Light The Perfect Gift for Dog Owners this Christmas

The Perfect Gift this Christmas


Thinking of Christmas gifts for your family and friends, for dog owners Scarab Dog Light is an obvious choice. It is beautifully packaged in a plastic free presentation box. Its fun, very practical, fully adjustable, really useful safety product and Scarab keeps you and your dog safe during those night time, early morning dog walks.

Scarab is rechargeable, so it’s a great investment for the planet and the pocket, its waterproof and comes in environmentally friendly packaging. Inside, Scarab is supplied with all the accessories you could need, a harness attacher and even an armband for human use.

Sure to impress your friends and family Scarab Dog Light is the perfect Christmas gift



Scarab Dog Light on Binky the Beagle

Out with Binky and the Family

We have talked about dog ownership being on the increase, “Lock down 2” has brought a variety of changes to our lives once more. One of the good things to come out of it is families spending much more time together once again. This Autumn has seen a variety of restrictions from our government, some have been very confusing but the continuing theme throughout this pandemic has been getting outside and a dog really makes sure you keep up this practice.

About Beagles

The beagle dog has an incredible sense of smell and superior tracking instincts, Beagle’s are widely employed as detection dogs for prohibited items by Customs and Excise Officers around the world. The beagle is intelligent, good tempered and has very few health issues. This breed was developed in Great Britain around the 1830s from several hunting breeds.

Beagles have been illustrated or mentioned in popular culture since Elizabethan times and more recently in film, television, and books.

Binky is wearing our Pink UNO dog light; the vibrant colour choice has been extremely popular since we launched the new range of dog lights in October.

Scarab Dog Lights suitable for Small dogs with Collar Lock Kit

Collar Lock puts Scarab Dog Lights on all sizes of dogs!

Lets’ look at our fantastic Collar Lock Kit, it is designed to:

Lock Scarab on to 25mm collars
Kit out smaller collar widths for smaller dogs
Cater for extreme usage scenarios

The great thing with smaller collar widths come smaller dogs who still need to be seen when outside, so now you can boost their safety and yours with Scarab Dog Lights making sure you and your pet are highly visible and secure out in the dark.

Make your Small Dog BIG with Scarab Dog Lights:

It is a fact that smaller dogs are not so visible anyway so don’t risk them not been seen, fit a dog light that is rechargeable, waterproof, weighs just 23g and can be seen from any angle and reflects beautifully off all terrain and hedgerows.

Reduce Danger-Increase Your Safety:

Roadside walking is always perilous in the dark, drivers drive far quicker these days and if you are walking in country lanes, being seen is vital. Wearing a light increases driver reaction times and saves lives.

Collar Lock Enables Smaller Dogs to comfortably Wear our Dog Light:

The Collar Lock Kit is applied to Scarab after it has been fitted to your dogs’ collar or harness. Simply click Collar Lock on each of Scarab’s arms from the rear side of the collar and it locks on, job done. For wider applications you use the X-Strap provided in the kit, simple, thoughtful, engineered design from our innovative design crew.

Vibrant LED Colours:

See all our colour options and different models of Dog lights plus Collar Lock here on our website

Dogs Help Improve your Metal Health - Walking with Yellow Scarab Dog Light

Dogs Improve Your Life

Interesting facts about dogs and their role in getting us through times of hardship, illness and especially now, when freedoms are limited during this global pandemic. Dogs have helped owners and their families adjust to living at home, kept children focused and occupied and most importantly encouraged us to exercise, a vital part of beating the blues and making us feel good.

The benefits of pet ownership for health and wellbeing are well-documented, reducing loneliness and anxiety, creating a daily structure, and lifting our mood. In lockdown, pets are proving a lifesaver for many, providing companionship, consistency, and joy.

Throughout the pandemic pet ownership has been on the increase. Lockdown has brought a variety of changes to our lives and for many families, adding a new canine member has been a popular choice due to months of isolation. Owning a new dog certainly has its rewards but reading up about dog ownership, taking the best advice in what dog is right for you, your family and living space is vital and making sure you understand it is the same as becoming a parent, because that is exactly what it is, a new family member.

We all talk to our pets, we all recognise their character, and the relationship is one of total loyalty and a fantastic answer to loneliness, dogs provide a partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Black Labrador in moonlit night scene wearing scarab dog light

The Clocks Go Back

The clocks go back this Sunday at 2.0am in the UK, this means dark mornings and evenings and the approach of winter. Essential to your walking regime is a Dog Light. Scarab RECHARGEABLE dog lights get you seen regardless of the viewing angle thanks to the bulb effect lens adding safety to your best friends collar or coat. Scarab also works with long haired dogs thanks to this lens technique. There are several attaching modes and all accessories are supplied. No costly batteries, just hours of rechargeable use. Each charge offers as many as 140 hours operation, you can change the LED colour and adjust the intensity of the flash, see all the products on our products page. Be sensible in these strange times and protect you and your pet with Scarab Dog Lights. Stay Safe out there!

Dog Walking with and without dog safety light

Why do I need a Dog Light?

Why do I need a Dog Light?

We always answer this question by asking a simple one, would you ride a bike at night without lights?

Of course you wouldn’t and bikes are another reason for using a light on your dog, because so many bikes are using pedestrian footpaths nowadays as they feel it is safer to do so OR they don’t have lights and avoid the road!

They ensure you and your dog are visible at all times

A dog light ensures you are visible when walking roadside or using footpaths and when you let your dog off the lead, you can see them as they dart around in the dark or low light conditions. Unlike our competitors, Scarab dog lights can be seen from any viewing angle thus enhancing your time outside with your dog.

Don’t let dark mornings and nights curb your exercise habits

Through the lockdown we have all been exercising more, let’s not allow dark mornings and nights to curb good habits. If like us you are walking on small country lanes with no footpaths, it is imperative that you have a light on your dog.  We have all seen the speed of cars increase and you need to be seen to be safe.

Scarab Dog lights are used by rescue services

Having a well-lit dog or indeed owner is a very sensible and injury-saving idea. Used by the rescue services, Scarab has a lens that creates a “bulb effect” and gives all-round visibility to the power LED inside. You can adjust the intensity of the flash mode and for the more placid, there are 4 other pre-set light settings including a constant mode, all highly visible.

How do I attach a scarab dog light?

If you have wondered how best to attach a light to your dog, Scarab comes supplied with a number of options, you can fit it directly to the collar (25mm width) or apply it to narrower widths using our “Collar Lock” system or with the supplied Uni-strap which puts Scarab on wider applications, harnesses and coats-there is also an armband for human use as an option.

For your safety this Winter, increase your visibility when out with your dog and fit a Scarab Dog Light.