Beautiful Black Shepherd with Dog Collar accessories

NEW PRODUCT FEATURE: Scarab Collar Lock Kit for your Dog Light

Collar Lock Kit by Scarab is designed to cater for narrower webbing collar widths and extreme user situations, whilst maintaining our desire to offer comfort and DIRECT fitting to collars.
The “wider holed” X-Strap supplied in the kit, is a further enhancement of our proven “Uni Strap”, allowing you to apply collar lock to your harness or coat application whilst maintaining total comfort for your dog and their adventures.
Collar Lock has been tested by our Chief Tester, Archie and has been successfully approved by his owner Jason. He reflected the application of Collar Lock was “self- explanatory”. You simply fit Scarab to your collar as normal and then clip in the lock kit to each of the arms.
This means you can now fit Scarab dog lights on smaller dogs with narrower collars with ease, Collar Lock safely applies our dog lights to webbing collars below 25mm wide, securely and with confidence.
A world of Colour for your dog safety light

NEW PRODUCTS 2020/21 from Scarab Rechargeable Dog Lights

We are pleased to launch 3 new exciting rechargeable Dog Light products for the coming season to “see you” through the Autumn and Winter.
These are: Scarab UNO (2020) model, DUO and MAX dog lights. We now also have a range of Scarab accessories, a fantastic new high-performance clip kit which locks Scarab onto any width of webbing collar (25mm and under), a beefed-up Uni-Strap for serious users and spare Scarab base units too.
Customers now have a choice of 5 rechargeable LED products including our proven TRIO and UNO RED, our brand new UNO 2020 is a single colour dog light available in a choice of 7 vibrant LED colours, simply choose your LED colour when you buy: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, CYAN, BLUE, WHITE or PINK
Scarab DUO is a 2 colour RED/WHITE dog light with all the Scarab features as you would expect.
Finally our premium product, Scarab MAX has a choice of 7 colour settings at your fingertips: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, CYAN, BLUE, WHITE and PINK.
All the new products feature the adjustable intensity flash, constant and pre-set light modes to suit your needs with increased efficiency and power. All products come with UNI-Strap, Armband, replacement O-Ring, USB charger cable and user manual. So whether you are walking, running cani-crossing, trailing or hunting with your dog, we cater for all your visibility needs.
Stay safe with Scarab-The Ultimate Dog Light

Scarab at The British Shooting Show NEC Birmingham 14-16TH February 2020

Scarab will be at the BSS with Muntjac Trading, Gundog Specialist Training Equipment; Leads, Collars, Dummies, Vests and more. The British Shooting Show is the UK’s premier trade and retail shooting show. Visitors can see a vast range of shotguns, rifles, pistols, air rifles, airsoft, (RIF), optics, including specialised night vision and thermal imaging devices, hunting knives, bushcraft, wildfowling, gundog equipment, historical arms collections, gunsmith and engraving demonstrations, a busy arena schedule as well as an abundance of shooting accessories, countryside organisations, ranges and shooting schools.

La Grande Odyssey

Scarab Supports Passion Nordique in La Grande odyssée

What great start to the year, we are really pleased to have supported Adrien and Laure of Passion Nordique in this year’s Grande Odyssée. It’s great to see Scarab TRIO being used in the night stages on all 4 lead dogs in such a prestigious Sled Dog event. La Grande Odyssee Savoie Mont Blanc is the biggest annual event of the dog sled calendar and is the most demanding race in the world, all taking place in a unique alpine setting.

Each year it brings together more than 25 mushers and their 300 dogs from all over Europe. Set in the stunning landscapes of Savoie Mont Blanc, there are more than 50,000 spectators who witness this unique experience at the start of the year. Well done Passion Nordique

Golden Retriever with young girl and Christmas tree

The Perfect Gift for Christmas

Thinking of Christmas gifts for your family and friends is always a problem. For dog owners Scarab Beacon-the Ultimate Dog safety Light is an obvious choice. It is beautifully packaged in a plastic free presentation box. Its fun, very practical, fully adjustable, really useful safety product and Scarab keeps you and your dog safe during those night time, early morning dog walks.

Scarab is rechargeable, so it’s a great investment for the planet and the pocket, its waterproof and comes in environmentally friendly packaging. Inside, Scarab is supplied with all the accessories you could need, a harness attacher and even an armband for human use.

Sure to impress your friends and family Scarab is the ideal Christmas gift that says “I saw this and thought of you” Say it with Love; Scarab-The Ultimate Dog Light.

Click here Buy Scarab from our online shop

For your family and friends, have a look at some other ideas here from our top ten gifts for your dog this Christmas:

  • Dog Harness
  • Dog Coat
  • Dog Boots
  • Dog Clothes
  • Dog Whistle
  • Doggie Advent Calendar
  • Grain Free Christmas Treats
  • Luxury Dog Beds
  • Dog Toys
  • Doggie Gift Voucher

Take a look on our Find a Retailer page and see some great ideas for gifts this Christmas and if you are thinking about getting a dog for Christmas please do first consider re-homing a rescue dog.

Team Scarab wishes you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas time.

Girl with two Malamute dogs wearing dog light on collar with snow and forest

In Forest or Field, Road or Path-Scarab makes your dogs stand out

As we enter the depths of winter don’t go unnoticed, spend a little time on your dog’s safety. Nothing is more noticeable than a flashing light and with Scarab you can adjust the intensity of its LED in flash mode! Scarab is unique as its light is not hindered by long or thick fur. Scarab also reflects off everything around it and thanks to its optical polymer lens, it can be seen from any angle.

Other dog lights loose their effect when side on, almost unseen and limited by fur, Scarab’s lens uses ALL the visible light of the power LED chip beneath it giving you 180° of coloured light for up to 3km or 4km depending on model, very efficient indeed!

Stay Safe Walking your Dog

Dogs do get hit by cars when out on walks in low light conditions according to vets, with so many cars on our roads here are a few things to consider.

Dog Walkers tips to make sure you are safe this winter:

  • Fit a Scarab to your dogs for maximum visibility in the dark
  • In the UK, if there is no footpath ALWAYS walk on the right hand side of the road facing the traffic
  • Keep your dog on your right side away from vehicles and tight on the lead (UK)
  • Take a torch or head torch with you
  • Take a mobile phone with you
  • Make sure your dog is on the lead when by the roadside
  • Stay alert and avoid wearing earphones/earbuds whilst near traffic

Scarab can be seen in the dark from over 3km or 4km depending on model. Don’t take chances, take precautions and protect yourself and your dog:

Why Buy Scarab Rechargeable Dog Light? Because it Saves You Money

When you buy a dog light, do you really want to keep paying to use it?

The majority of dog lights are battery operated and NOT rechargeable. They have fewer components inside making the selling price cheaper but you will keep paying to keep it running-fact!

In a battery operated dog light you have a maximum run time of 250 hours, if you bought a cheap one then you have significantly less. The average replacement battery pack for the 250 hour versions is around £6.00 each (plus postage where applicable) thus making your average battery powered dog light quite a costly investment over its lifetime, not to mention the cost to the environment on top.

Happy Halloween

Halloween Fun With Scarab Rechargeable Dog Lights


Scarab enhances customer experience with new website launch

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website. We wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user friendly. This season has seen the enhancement of our product range with further increased performance, new features and 100% plastic-free packaging format. To compliment the new products our aim was to deliver a professional website consistent with easy navigation functionality that directs you to a purchase experience made up of our retailers or directly online. Catering for all mobile phones, web browsers and portable devices, access to our products is even easier. A comprehensive sellers list with postcode discovery allows the customer to buy Scarab from their local retailer and a “register product” feature allows customers peace of mind regarding warranty, support and news following their purchase. Beautifully created by Tom Jarvis of Think Jarvis Design and Marketing