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Is Exercise Good For You?

Is Exercise Good For You?


August 31st, 2017

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Do you need to be told walking is good for you? Our government is recommending a sharp walk of 10 minutes per day meets the recommended levels of physical activity but you don’t need anyone to tell you this surely, regular walking is common sense and your dog will keep you fit that is for sure! As autumn approaches and we see the days get shorter a dog safety light is a very wise choice but what does a light on your dog mean? Being seen on the lead is vital giving advance notice to others of you and your dog’s presence.  Making sure your dog can be seen easily by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians is really simple, put a light on the collar or harness. Flashing lights are proven to be more effective at drawing attention and Scarab can be seen from over 4km so keep safe with Scarab, you and your dog are seen from any side thanks to the optical lens material, giving a “bulb effect”.  Scarab is very feature packed too, rechargeable and waterproof, you can even change the LED colour plus adjust the power setting up or down depending on your needs. It comes with a uni-strap that fits Scarab to almost any harness or collar and there’s also an armband for human use. Prepare for this winter properly and fit Scarab, you won’t be disappointed!

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