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Scarab Launch Outdoor Packaging

Scarab Launch Outdoor Packaging


February 28th, 2017

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Scarab launches dedicated Outdoor Packaging for all those intrepids!

Don’t be caught out- put Scarab on your essential kit list and pop one on your backpack to maximise your presence.

Road, Path, Footpath or trail, when you need to be noticed with a small twist and you can be visible for over 4km should you wish.

Scarab transforms rucksacks into highly visible equipment and at 23g you wont even know its there-until you switch it on!

The experienced trekker will know that getting seen is a must and as we progress our attention turns to Outdoor users staying safe.

Over hill and dale you can rely on Scarab but not only for the good times but heaven forbid if you need locating in a rescue situation, you will be found quicker by activating your Scarab Safety Beacon-BeĀ seen, be safe


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