SideSafe By Scarab - The Ultimate Bike Light

Using our unique technology Side Safe is a waterproof, rechargeable Bike Light with full 180 degree visibility.

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Wide viewing angle.
Visible from 4km
140 Hour
battery life
-20˚C to 40˚C
Operating Temperature

If you are a keen road cyclist, commuter, or leisure cyclist, SideSafe is for you.

About Side Safe

For some time now our customers have been telling us to adapt Scarab for bikes as it gives all-round visibility, so thanks to you all we now hope to keep cyclists safe with our technology and here it is: SideSafe by Scarab is a removeable, waterproof, rechargeable accessory bike light designed to keep you safe.

Suitable for use on the front and rear of your bike. You can see in the video the harmonisation of power LED and optical polymer lens produces all-round visibility, so you are clearly seen not just from the rear or front but both sides too. Our wide-angle lens gives motorists and fellow riders plenty of warning of your presence.