Scarab Dog Lights suitable for Small dogs with Collar Lock Kit

Collar Lock puts Scarab Dog Lights on all sizes of dogs!

Lets’ look at our fantastic Collar Lock Kit, it is designed to:

Lock Scarab on to 25mm collars
Kit out smaller collar widths for smaller dogs
Cater for extreme usage scenarios

The great thing with smaller collar widths come smaller dogs who still need to be seen when outside, so now you can boost their safety and yours with Scarab Dog Lights making sure you and your pet are highly visible and secure out in the dark.

Make your Small Dog BIG with Scarab Dog Lights:

It is a fact that smaller dogs are not so visible anyway so don’t risk them not been seen, fit a dog light that is rechargeable, waterproof, weighs just 23g and can be seen from any angle and reflects beautifully off all terrain and hedgerows.

Reduce Danger-Increase Your Safety:

Roadside walking is always perilous in the dark, drivers drive far quicker these days and if you are walking in country lanes, being seen is vital. Wearing a light increases driver reaction times and saves lives.

Collar Lock Enables Smaller Dogs to comfortably Wear our Dog Light:

The Collar Lock Kit is applied to Scarab after it has been fitted to your dogs’ collar or harness. Simply click Collar Lock on each of Scarab’s arms from the rear side of the collar and it locks on, job done. For wider applications you use the X-Strap provided in the kit, simple, thoughtful, engineered design from our innovative design crew.

Vibrant LED Colours:

See all our colour options and different models of Dog lights plus Collar Lock here on our website