Dogs Help Improve your Metal Health - Walking with Yellow Scarab Dog Light

Dogs Improve Your Life

Interesting facts about dogs and their role in getting us through times of hardship, illness and especially now, when freedoms are limited during this global pandemic. Dogs have helped owners and their families adjust to living at home, kept children focused and occupied and most importantly encouraged us to exercise, a vital part of beating the blues and making us feel good.

The benefits of pet ownership for health and wellbeing are well-documented, reducing loneliness and anxiety, creating a daily structure, and lifting our mood. In lockdown, pets are proving a lifesaver for many, providing companionship, consistency, and joy.

Throughout the pandemic pet ownership has been on the increase. Lockdown has brought a variety of changes to our lives and for many families, adding a new canine member has been a popular choice due to months of isolation. Owning a new dog certainly has its rewards but reading up about dog ownership, taking the best advice in what dog is right for you, your family and living space is vital and making sure you understand it is the same as becoming a parent, because that is exactly what it is, a new family member.

We all talk to our pets, we all recognise their character, and the relationship is one of total loyalty and a fantastic answer to loneliness, dogs provide a partnership that lasts a lifetime.