Stay Safe Walking your Dog

Dogs do get hit by cars when out on walks in low light conditions according to vets, with so many cars on our roads here are a few things to consider.

Dog Walkers tips to make sure you are safe this winter:

  • Fit a Scarab to your dogs for maximum visibility in the dark
  • In the UK, if there is no footpath ALWAYS walk on the right hand side of the road facing the traffic
  • Keep your dog on your right side away from vehicles and tight on the lead (UK)
  • Take a torch or head torch with you
  • Take a mobile phone with you
  • Make sure your dog is on the lead when by the roadside
  • Stay alert and avoid wearing earphones/earbuds whilst near traffic

Scarab can be seen in the dark from over 3km or 4km depending on model. Don’t take chances, take precautions and protect yourself and your dog: