Beautiful Black Shepherd with Dog Collar accessories

NEW PRODUCT FEATURE: Scarab Collar Lock Kit for your Dog Light

Collar Lock Kit by Scarab is designed to cater for narrower webbing collar widths and extreme user situations, whilst maintaining our desire to offer comfort and DIRECT fitting to collars.
The “wider holed” X-Strap supplied in the kit, is a further enhancement of our proven “Uni Strap”, allowing you to apply collar lock to your harness or coat application whilst maintaining total comfort for your dog and their adventures.
Collar Lock has been tested by our Chief Tester, Archie and has been successfully approved by his owner Jason. He reflected the application of Collar Lock was “self- explanatory”. You simply fit Scarab to your collar as normal and then clip in the lock kit to each of the arms.
This means you can now fit Scarab dog lights on smaller dogs with narrower collars with ease, Collar Lock safely applies our dog lights to webbing collars below 25mm wide, securely and with confidence.