New Products Coming from Scarab

Over the past few months we have been flat out developing product additions for your dog and now your push bike.

For some time now our customers have been telling us to adapt Scarab for bikes as it gives all-round visibility, so thanks to you we now hope to keep cyclists safe with our technology and here it is:

SideSafe by Scarab is a removeable, waterproof, rechargeable accessory bike light designed to keep you safe. The harmonisation of power LED and optical polymer lens produces all-round visibility, so you are clearly seen not just from the rear or front but both sides too. Our wide-angle lens gives other road users plenty of warning of your presence. SideSafe is waterproof (IP67) and weighs just 30g and can be seen from up to 3km depending on power and colour setting. You can change the colour for front or rear use, (RED or White) and adjust the intensity to suit your journey. On High flash setting SideSafe will run for 10 hours and 140 hours on low. There are 5 light modes: 1 Adjustable intensity flash, 2 Pre-set Long flash, 3 Pre-set Intensity Dot-Dot, 4 Pre-set Intensity Dot Dash, 5 Pre-set intensity Constant. SideSafe is assembled and tested in the UK

Our new doggy information products that will be coming your way are designed around collar applications and creating the most comfortable “On Dog Data” that meet the Control of Dogs Act requirements.

Collar Buddy is a lightweight and comfortable label alternative to metal ID tags and a very ergonomic addition to your dog’s apparel, enhancing their collar or lead with comfort and ease of application whilst keeping your dog safe should they be found. No sewing or stitching is required, and you can fit it to your existing collar. Collar Buddy is clear and easy to read, it is secure and robust, designed to endure the rigours of everyday dog activity and uses the latest proven label application technologies. Collar Buddy ensures your dog is identifiable with your surname, postcode and street number/house name, phone number, chip number (optional) and any message regarding medical requirements. Or you can just have a message of your choice tailored to fit your width of collar/harness. You can also have one of our humorous versions from a dropdown list.

Scarab ULTRA Our new Dog Light with over 100 colours, it uses our powerful microprocessor to offer you a choice of LED colour from a “morphing selection” feature. You simply click twice and hold the power button and then press and hold the colour select button to watch the lens travel through the spectrum, when you find a shade you like, just release both buttons. The ULTRA comes equipped with all the usual Scarab accessories and will be going on sale soon, direct from our web shop.

If you would like further information, please email us: