Scarab Ultra Dog Light Colour Festival


What is in a Dog Light, well in Scarab products amid all the other technology, there is a micro processor that has enough memory to perform all the tasks required by the user. Battery charging management, power management, the ability to adjust the intensity of the light and allow you to select a colour and light mode, and operate the light efficiently so you get a maximum run time, quite a lot you would agree!

For this year’s new product addition, we have been flat out looking at what we could do and our engineers did not disappoint, a software programme that “morphs” the RGB LED inside the ULTRA. This is a blend of all the 3 colour LED to produce a cascade of colour choice by simply pressing and releasing the 2 buttons once you have found a shade you like. We describe it as “Morph selection”.

The ULTRA has all the light modes you would expect with a premium dog light and maintains our core philosophy of rechargeable technology to save the planet.

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