. Months between charges

Scarab Dog Light-Easy to Use and Saves you Money

Out of the box, Scarab Dog Light is set to a flash mode that will run for 3.5 months worth of dog walks in the dark if you walk your dog on average twice a day!

Scarab is easy to use, simply twist the lens one way to switch “on” and twist the other way to switch “off”, designed for a one handed operation too.

Scarab is easy to fit and secure straight on the collar or harness and is supplied with all additional fixing accessories.

The average dog walk duration is 40 minutes and you will find on the standard light level (600m visibility from any angle) you will get 3.5 months of dog walks between each charge, not bad considering the lifetime of the battery is 500 charges, that is a lot of doggy walks.

On top of this you can adjust the intensity of the light and change the light modes, and select different colours (DUO model Upwards) so you really have a safety light that caters for every dog adventure, be it just a walk or more extreme uses.

So think about the environment, the savings on spent batteries and the saving to your pocket too avoiding repeat purchases of costly batteries.

Scarab Dog Light is a money saving investment for you and your dogs safety when outside in low-light Summer evenings and dark Winter nights.