Scarab halt direct web sales to EU/NI Customers due to new tax laws as a result of Brexit

We are very sad to report that we have had no choice but to stop sales of our products directly to non-vat registered people living outside of the UK, this means private individuals, this includes people living in Northern Ireland, although historically part of the UK, in ecommerce terms they are now not.


This new tax law as of July 1st, is the EU’s response to our leaving the EU and understandably, we can’t have our cake and eat it.

The decision to leave the EU single market now means if we wish to sell directly to people living in EU countries, (known as distance selling) we must register our company for VAT in EACH member country or join the IOSS scheme. The administration and management costs make this totally non-viable as you can imagine.

Where we have EU country distributors, these remain in place so you will still see Scarab Dog Lights in shops and on-line with our approved re-sellers, but you will not be able to purchase direct from our web site if you live in the EU or Northern Ireland.

If you are in the EU or Northern Ireland and wish to purchase our products, we can direct you to our EU re-sellers, just send us an email and we will more than happy to assist you.
Team Scarab