Beautiful Night Time Image of dogs wearing safety lights

Scarab Rechargeable Dog Light-A World of Colour

This Winter scene beautifully captured by Sarah in Belgium shows the purity of our LED colours and the power of our lights. We couldn’t have wished for a better example to demonstrate how our safety lights RGB LED’s are enhanced by our photopolymer lens to create a world of colour and in this image, a festival of light. You will also notice that many of the beautiful dogs are not facing the camera but you can see the lights very clearly due to the “all round” visibility the lens produces. This image was taken with the lights all in constant mode, this is one of 5 light modes available in every Scarab Dog Light (2020 versions onwards). Scarab is the only collar/harness fitting light that offers you adjustable intensity and believe us when we say you can see it from over 4KM should you need power as well as beauty.  Scarab dog lights weigh just 23g so your dog wont even notice it but the need for safety and being seen when out with your dogs means you can be assured road users and cyclists see you. Off the lead you will know instantly where your dog is plus the “light bounce” of objects around your dog such as surfaces, undergrowth and hedges, enhance their position greatly as you see in Sarah’s image. Just look at the road to see the reflection and this is running in constant mode at some 10% of the lights true intensity, truly an amazing photograph, thank you Sarah.