Why Scarab Saves you Money!

Scarab is rechargeable, we decided to take a look at the lifetime of our Scarab Safety Light compared to a leading brand “battery” powered, non-rechargeable light. Obviously rechargeable is better for the planet but we looked at the REAL lifetime cost based on how many times you can charge Scarab and what that gives you in operating time (hours). It was amazing to see the comparison and how the average replacement battery cost really justified investing in Scarab, the ONLY rechargeable safety beacon on the market today!

Scarab Power level Settings

Operational Run time at level Scarab Product Lifetime at 500 Battery Cycles Equivalent Replacement
Battery Qty
Average Replacement Battery Cost

Total Battery Spend Compared to Scarab Lifetime

Low 120hrs 60000 hrs 240 £6.00 each £1,440.00
Med 16hrs 8000 hrs 32 £6.00 each £192.00
High 7hrs 3500 hrs 14 £6.00 each £84.00