Beautiful lakeside scene with Black Labrador and Scarab dog light

The Clocks go Back

The clocks go back this weekend and Autumn gradually moves into Winter, we have had a tremendous October with temperatures similar to early summer but the evenings and mornings are set to get darker now with the time change. Walking your dog is part of your routine and if you don’t already have a Scarab Dog Light on your best friend’s collar or harness, here is why you should.

Having a light on your dog is a vital part of their walking kit, I mean you wouldn’t go out and drive without your car lights on, so light up your dog. This will keep you safe and visible from all angles and thanks to Scarab’s specially designed lens, even with long fur, your dog will be seen.

Scarab have a range of products to suit your budget and ALL of our lights offer distance viewing, making you clearly visible to oncoming traffic, cyclists, scooters and other pedestrians. There are no extra charges after you purchase, unlike other battery models, Scarab products are all rechargeable. They come with a variety of accessories to ensure your dog and you are visible for this Winter

Defy the dark this Winter with Scarab and see our offers in our online shop