All Scarab Dog Light Products

The Essential Winter Dog Accessory

Part of your dog’s walking kit more vital than a favourite ball, coat or throwing toy is a dog safety light, you would curse if a cyclist went by without any lights on and your dog is no different. However, a dog light must meet certain criteria for it to keep you and your dog safe and with many factors affecting the lights performance when in use. Unless the light you buy meets these factors, you may as well risk the dark and potential hazards we experience when outside in low light conditions without one. With increased traffic on our roads and less people using public transport, walking your dog can be quite stressful and cause you to limit how much time you spend exercising your best friend, let’s make it more pleasurable and safer, here’s how.

You can buy cheaper, less powerful lights and they will switch on and off, but the first thing you should check is the viewing angle, will they get your dog seen from all sides, can you adjust the intensity to suit your journey, and do they reflect off hedges and grass verges giving additional visibility? Do they work with fur or are they obscured, limiting the road user’s ability to see them? How secure are they when on the dog, do they cause a potential snagging hazard, and do they offer long operating times? Do they work in wet conditions, and did you know that flashing lights are seen far quicker than constant lights, a point that could be the difference between injury or not?

Rechargeable products are very popular nowadays, mobile phones have really set the bar and changed people’s attitudes, it used to be that rechargeable products were far dearer than battery operated goods but now as the technology widens and more and more goods are rechargeable, the prices are not so different, which is extremely good for the planet and your pocket. Over the length of winter you can be forgiven for thinking replacement dog light batteries are helping save the world as they are so small, you can spend little on the product but LOTS on replacing the batteries, thus making a rechargeable product the right choice and especially if it offers a long run time, a full suite of accessories, a choice of light settings and LED colours and satisfies all the above criteria making the buying decision so much easier.

Scarab Dog Lights have been carefully developed by outdoor people who know the rigours of portable lighting kit along with the added challenge of it being strapped to your dog haring around in all types of conditions.

Don’t let the dark restrict your dog’s activity plans, they and you need to be outside and with the right gear attached you can have peace of mind that you and your dog are visible and secure on and off the lead.