Golden Retriever with young girl and Christmas tree

The Perfect Gift for Christmas

Thinking of Christmas gifts for your family and friends is always a problem. For dog owners Scarab Beacon-the Ultimate Dog safety Light is an obvious choice. It is beautifully packaged in a plastic free presentation box. Its fun, very practical, fully adjustable, really useful safety product and Scarab keeps you and your dog safe during those night time, early morning dog walks.

Scarab is rechargeable, so it’s a great investment for the planet and the pocket, its waterproof and comes in environmentally friendly packaging. Inside, Scarab is supplied with all the accessories you could need, a harness attacher and even an armband for human use.

Sure to impress your friends and family Scarab is the ideal Christmas gift that says “I saw this and thought of you” Say it with Love; Scarab-The Ultimate Dog Light.

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For your family and friends, have a look at some other ideas here from our top ten gifts for your dog this Christmas:

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Take a look on our Find a Retailer page and see some great ideas for gifts this Christmas and if you are thinking about getting a dog for Christmas please do first consider re-homing a rescue dog.

Team Scarab wishes you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas time.