Why Buy Scarab Rechargeable Dog Light?

That’s easy, it Saves you Money

When you buy a dog light, do you really want to keep paying to use it?

The majority of dog lights are battery operated and NOT rechargeable. They have fewer components inside making the selling price cheaper but you will keep paying to keep it running-fact!

In a battery operated dog light you have a maximum run time of 250 hours, if you bought a cheap one then you have significantly less. The average replacement battery pack for the 250 hour versions is around £6.00 each (plus postage where applicable) thus making your average battery powered dog light quite a costly investment over its lifetime, not to mention the cost to the environment on top.

Disposing of lithium manganese (non-rechargeable) coin cell batteries are currently only recycled to a very small extent by specialised firms, well below 4% of all batteries used in households are recycled.

There are two reasons, first is the small amount of batteries of any kind which the average family accumulates and usually there is no formal collection of the few tens of grams of material. The second is the variety of materials which are used to make batteries work. Some examples of the material types consist of:

  • Zinc
  • Carbon
  • Graphite
  • Manganese dioxide
  • Alkali solution
  • Lithium compounds
  • Cases made from steel
  • Various plastics

If disposed of in landfill as most coin cell packs are, metals like zinc and nickel eventually leak out and they are potential pollutants of water.

Why buy Scarab Dog Lights? Well consider this:

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Scarab Power Operational Battery Cycles Total Lifetime Equivalent Replacement Average Replacement Total Battery Spend Compared Scarab Uno Purchase Price
Level Setting Run Time (How many times you can charge Scarab) Usage in hours Battery Packs Qty Battery Pack Cost to Scarab Lifetime
Low 120hrs 500 60000 240 £6.00 each £1,440.00 £20.00
Med 16hrs 500 8000 32 £6.00 each £192.00 £20.00
High 9hrs 500 4500 18 £6.00 each £108.00 £20.00

Value for Money

Scarab’s UNO will cost you £19.99 (in-store, +PP on line) and that is it, no costly replacement batteries, no environmental concerns only value and service, plus it has more features keeping you and your dog safe for the price you paid.

Where can I buy Scarab Beacon?

Scarab Uno and Trio are available to purchase direct from our online store or from a selection of local retailers. If you have any questions before you purchase please contact us using the contact form on our website or message us on Facebook.