Dog Walking with and without dog safety light

Why do I need a Dog Light?

Why do I need a Dog Light?

We always answer this question by asking a simple one, would you ride a bike at night without lights?

Of course you wouldn’t and bikes are another reason for using a light on your dog, because so many bikes are using pedestrian footpaths nowadays as they feel it is safer to do so OR they don’t have lights and avoid the road!

They ensure you and your dog are visible at all times

A dog light ensures you are visible when walking roadside or using footpaths and when you let your dog off the lead, you can see them as they dart around in the dark or low light conditions. Unlike our competitors, Scarab dog lights can be seen from any viewing angle thus enhancing your time outside with your dog.

Don’t let dark mornings and nights curb your exercise habits

Through the lockdown we have all been exercising more, let’s not allow dark mornings and nights to curb good habits. If like us you are walking on small country lanes with no footpaths, it is imperative that you have a light on your dog.  We have all seen the speed of cars increase and you need to be seen to be safe.

Scarab Dog lights are used by rescue services

Having a well-lit dog or indeed owner is a very sensible and injury-saving idea. Used by the rescue services, Scarab has a lens that creates a “bulb effect” and gives all-round visibility to the power LED inside. You can adjust the intensity of the flash mode and for the more placid, there are 4 other pre-set light settings including a constant mode, all highly visible.

How do I attach a scarab dog light?

If you have wondered how best to attach a light to your dog, Scarab comes supplied with a number of options, you can fit it directly to the collar (25mm width) or apply it to narrower widths using our “Collar Lock” system or with the supplied Uni-strap which puts Scarab on wider applications, harnesses and coats-there is also an armband for human use as an option.

For your safety this Winter, increase your visibility when out with your dog and fit a Scarab Dog Light.