How it works

Scarab products are controlled by a microprocessor managing all functions, battery management, charging, power settings and colour choice. Scarab is a multifunctional safety product that gives you a wide range of features to maximise your presence, giving you peace of mind when you, your pet  or your loved ones are outside.

Designed for longevity between battery charges, Scarab can run continuously between 7 hours on the highest setting and 5 days on the lowest setting, which is still rather powerful, on the TRIO 600m and the UNO 300m.

The latest developments in LED technology allow  us to run Scarab off a very small rechargeable battery. What this means for you is incredible colour, light mode and power choice and not at the expense of the planet.

There are 2 tiers of circuit board in Scarab, one supports the LED platform and is inserted in the upper part of the lens section whilst the second board houses the controls and switching technology.

Scarab utilises proven and tested automotive specification micro-switches to switch it on and off and adjust the settings.

You can trust Scarab!

Technical Stuff   

Battery Type LIR2450

Material: Lithium ion

Voltage: 3.6V

mAh: 120=/-10%

mΩ: ≤400

Size: 24.5 x 5.0mm

Weight: 5.2g


Temperature: -20°C to +40°C

Battery Cycle:  ≥500 cycles

No memory effect

Manufactured to ISO 9000

Scarab Details

Weight: 23g

Height: 30.0mm

Length: 49.0mm

Width: 38.00mm

LED’s can cause injury to the eye.

Epilepsy sufferers should NOT

wear Scarab. This beacon is

designed for adult and canine use,

it is not sold as a toy and must be

considered a choking hazard.


Scarab products comply to requirements

regarding  CE  and RoHS approval.

Scarab UNO Part Number: SCA-1U (Single Unit)

Scarab TRIO Part Number: SCA-1T (Single Unit)

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