Safety Beacon for Runners

Make sure you are completely visible when out there, use the armband supplied and know that all road users will be able to see you. Be seen be safe!

Give yourself the best?

Sacarab will be part of your running regime for a long time, you should consider all the benefits of using Scarab when running. If you are a solo or group runner, fell runner or urban it’s essential to have some form of extended visibility. Scarab is easy to switch on and off one handed, it’s durable, waterproof, it will fit on a harness or webbing (18-25mm), even a bum bag or can be used with the adjustable armband provided. It offers incredible all-round visibility, it also offers the potential to be the most powerful safety beacon in its class from 600m to 4km. If required you can easily change the color of  the LED.

Make Scarab your running mate!

Exercise is good

Great things happen when you run, after a while you align your strides to a number of breathes and build a steady, satisfying rhythm only runners know! Running sorts you out, get your head straight, puts things in an order, makes you feel better, takes away the blues and gives you strength and well being. Running gives you time to think, plan your day or the next one, gets you out there, you know they say the hardest part of going for a run is getting out the door-how true!

When you run, your blood flows, tiredness goes away, things wake up and start happening in your body and your processes produce chemicals that stream through every vein-reinvigorating your brain, making you feel good.  Well at Scarab we understand that any runner’s aid must be light-weight, versatile and represent good value with a suite of features that do not interfere with your training regime, whether a jogger, club person or marathon runner you need maximum protection.

Put Scarab on and keep running-the dark is not dark anymore!

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