Safety Beacon for Walkers

Make sure you are well protected while wandering in the wilderness, on roads trails an pathways. Keep a Scarab on your rucksack or use the armband supplied. With more vehicles on our roads and so many off-road cyclists using the trails and footpaths it makes sense having Scarab as an essential part of  your kit. Be seen be safe!

Give yourself the best?

SCARAB is first and foremost a safety tool designed to keep you safe when outside. Every walker has their kit and Scarab is so small that it will easily become part of it. Weighing just 23g it can live on your rucksack, bum bag or walking pole without any inconvenience. You should consider all the benefits of using Scarab, it is easy to switch on and off, its durable, waterproof, it will fit on a harness or webbing or can be used with the armband supplied. It’s easy to charge as well, no need to take it all off, just unscrew the lens section and plug it in to your desired charging method via the micro USB cable supplied!

It offers all round light, it also offers the potential to be the most powerful safety beacon in its class. If required you can easily change the LED colour of Scarab. Make Scarab your first choice for walks and rambles!

Relaxing is good

At Scarab we understand that a beacon for your safety must represent good value and longevity with a suite of features that do not interfere with your daily regime, it is essential kit and therefore it must perform. We know that walks are your hobby, your way to relax and indulge yourself, therefore we have packed as much into Scarab as is possible to ensure you get the best performing safety product possible. On the lowest setting Scarab is visible at 600m or 4km on the highest setting.


Scarab fits easily on to your rucksack but there is also an armband should you wish. It can also fit nicely on to your head torch head band and completes your safety regime for hiking safely. Whether out for a jolly, a scramble or a serious trek, Scarab is there to rely on when you need it.

Don’t be caught out, especially in the short winter days and long nights, keep Scarab in your kit. At the end of the day or first thing, you can have additional peace of mind that by using Scarab you will have an added level of heightened visibility when out on your travels, road, trail, track or footpath.

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