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Sean rides 300 miles solo for MIND mental health charity!

Sean rides 300 miles solo for MIND mental health charity!


June 30th, 2017

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We are so proud to support Sean and have Scarab keeping him safe and seen on his bike and cycling helmet as he travels from Lowdham, Nottinghamshire to Dartmouth, Devon, some 300 miles. You can see Sean’s route here at the link:

His ride will involve hours of twilight and early morning endurance, with Scarab we’ve got him covered. Visible from over 4km from the side and rear, Scarab is located on his seat post and crash hat, both mounted using Scarab’s UNI-Strap, ingenious and simple technology.
Don’t be shy when it comes to donating, he is going to do this and it is for such a wonderful charity. Sean is an experienced cyclist and has built his training programme to cater for the distance he faces. He has been on a high calorie diet specially designed to get him through this endurance test, his route will take him over some of the toughest roads in the country and we are all supporting him night and day.
The mental health charity MIND improves peoples lives, working to make sure nobody has to face a mental health problem alone! People need their support more than ever, demand for their services is growing and you can help meet that demand. MIND has an impact on millions of lives each year thanks to the work they do but they need donations to maintain their work, show your support for MIND and Sean and make his task worthwhile, you can donate here at:

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